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Why do NRI Invest in India?

Property prices in India have well outperformed equities, currency, bonds and similar investments. As the purchasing power of Indians continues to grow, Indian real-estate continues to boom.

Investing in India offers

  • Higher returns than international markets in most cases
  • Higher affordability
  • Emotional belonging- strengthening your link with your country
  • Lucrative business options like renting or leasing the property which can generate regular surpluses
  • An anchor to return back to India if you have a temporary/ limited NRI status
  • A great way to provide an income flow to your dear ones living in India

If you find one or more of the above reasons true for yourself, now is the time to make an investment you would be proud of in future. We at Sun India Builders assist you at every step of the real-estate investment process. For those looking for 2 BHK or 3 BHK flats and apartments in Jaipur with a host of amenities, we recommend taking a look at South Court. For those who want to own luxurious villas in Jaipur or want to own apartments in a gated community or township we suggest South Ex.

How do you get returns from your investment?

Let us suppose, Mr. Sharma, an NRI living in U.S. plans to invest $10,000 in Indian real estate when the $1 is equivalent to INR 60. That means Mr. Sharma invests INR 6,00,000 as of now. With booming property rates, after 3-4 years, the property rates double up thus giving a return of INR 12,00,000 to Mr. Sharma. But the game is not over yet. There is a high probability that with a stable Government the value of Rupee will appreciate and will reach INR 50 per $. Now that would mean Mr. Sharma will earn $24000 in his currency which is much more than just double of his initial investment. This currency conversion hence makes the investment specifically profitable for NRIs.

To ensure that your investment is made hassle free for you, Sun India Developers helps you sail through all the legal formalities associated with buying a property in Jaipur. We also recommend you to go through our FAQ section.