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Management Team

Jai Gupta

Chairman, Sun India Developers

The chairman of Sun India Developers is a focused and determined personality who has been at the frontier to ensure that the company achieves newer heights as it grows. Born in Delhi and completed his Bachelors in Commerce from the renowned Delhi University before he entered the real estate sector.

He has been a visionary entrepreneur from a very young age and invested his life in the field of real estate, finance and import-export. Coming from such diverse backgrounds, he brings newer and fresher perspectives which contribute to the development of the firm. He still acts as an expert consultant for many real estate projects in Delhi. His expertise is the guiding factor for Sun India Developers to prosper and he is determined to set bigger and better goals for the organisation each year.

Ankit Gupta

Managing Director, Sun India Developers

Driven by his pursuit for excellence in the real estate sector, he serves as a guiding light for his organization. Having done his Bachelors in Business Economics from State University of New York (SUNY), and Masters in Marketing and Finance, he has developed a brilliant business acumen which reflects in all the projects that he undertakes.

Born in Jaipur and brought up in Delhi- a place known for its exuberance and diversity, he was inclined towards the real estate industry from his childhood.The time spent with his grandfather, who himself was involved in real estate, proved to be quite an influential period in his life. He comes from a strong rooted family in real estate in Jaipur- the Anukumpa Group which has a strong foothold in the city and has been delivering high value real estate properties from a long time.

The expertise of his family in real estate combined with his unparalleled skills led him to build a venture which stands apart from other real estate firm. He believes that in any real estate project, location is the king and this opinion governs most of his decisions of investing in any project. According to him any investor should understand the importance of 'now'--"The earlier you invest, the more you will gain!", he says.He along with his partners wishes to bring in innovative practices to this sector and contribute towards changing the face of real estate in Jaipur.

Vaibhav Gupta

Director, Sun India Developers

A strong-willed leader, the director of the firm, born in Delhi, shares his inclination towards the real estate sector with the Chairman and the Managing Director. In his early years his interest towards business studies led him to do his Bachelors in Business Administration from Jagannath Institute of Management, New Delhi

His deep involvement with every project and his will to steer the firm through thick and thin make him an admirable leader. He has been involved in business development of Sun India Developers from the very beginning and has been instrumental in driving the success of the firm. His constant endeavors have helped fuel the progress of the firm which is all set to climb up the success ladder in the coming years.